Municipal and
Development Law

Brazeau Seller Law has had the privilege of representing municipal corporations, universities, hospitals, public-sector bodies, and private developers in various matters, including subdivision projects, public-private partnerships, infrastructure projects, condominium developments, site plan approval agreements, expropriations, zoning, and issues related to by-laws.

Based on that experience, our firm is well positioned to assist in a wide range of matters involving municipal and development law.

Our lawyers can take development projects from the raw land stage, through the complexities of government approvals, procurement, financing, construction, and land conveyancing, to ultimate completion.

We can also work effectively with professional consultants, such as engineers, architects, surveyors, and land-use planners, and we can suggest how to assemble a development team that understands the unique aspects of a development project.

Our understanding of how municipal governments work enables us to liaise with municipal officials, staff, and community associations to provide legal and policy guidance that advances our clients’ interests in a timely and efficient manner. When representing municipalities, we have experience in all areas, including municipal financing, contribution agreements, by-law drafting, subdivision agreements, and providing recommendations to municipal staff and councils.

We also represent our clients before municipal councils, planning committees, land division committees of adjustment, and other administrative tribunals in the development process, as well as in appeals before the Ontario Municipal Board.

If you are seeking guidance or representation in a matter involving municipal and development law, contact one of our lawyers today.

Our Municipal and Development Law Team